Endocrine & Thyroid Center
Formerly Endocrinology & Reproductive Medicine of Tarrant County

Updated Wednesday, 1/30/19, at 9:52 a.m.

ATTENTION MEDICARE PATIENTS:  We do not take any Medicare replacement plans, through UHC, Cigna, etc.  We only take traditional Medicare.  
PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO YOUR APPOINTMENT:  For follow up appointments, arrive no later than 5 minutes before your appointment time.  For new patient appointments, arrive no later than 15 minutes before your appointment time.  Thanks for your assistance!  
PLEASE BRING A CURRENT LIST OF YOUR MEDICATIONS:  In order to ensure your medical record is accurate, please bring a current list of your medications to every visit.     

CONSTRUCTION ON HWY 26:  Please give extra time to get to our office for your appointment if you are coming down Hwy 26 from the Keller area. There is lots of construction currently going on throughout the day.  

CALL BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR CHANGE OF INSURANCE:  Please call us as soon as possible with your new insurance information if you get a new insurance. If you haven't received your new insurance card a week before your appointment, please call our office to reschedule your appointment. Thanks for helping make your billing as efficient as possible!

PRINTED INSURANCE CARDS:  Please bring your printed insurance card to your next appointment.  Thank you for your assistance!

TWO NEW PLANS - CIGNA "LOCAL PLUS" & SCOTT & WHITE "EPO":  Both Dr. Prost and Dr. Roopa are now in network for CIGNA LOCAL PLUS and SCOTT & WHITE EPO insurance plans. Please call our office to schedule your appointment today at 817.865.5315!  

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE:  Below is a list of our direct lines.  For medical questions, please call the Provider that you saw at your last appointment.  Thanks!

APPOINTMENTS 817.865.5315
BILLING 817.865.5317
DR. PROST'S ASSISTANT 817.865.5310
DR. ROOPA'S ASSISTANT 817.865.5319
INSURANCE 817.865.5316
MEDICAL RECORDS 817.865.5318

ONLINE BILL PAY:  For your convenience, you can pay your bill online 24 hours a day, please click on the ONLINE BILL PAYMENT tab above.  No registration is needed.    

IF YOU ARE RUNNING A FEVER OF 100.5 OR MORE, please call our office to reschedule your appointment at 817.865.5315.  Thanks!  

DID YOU KNOW?  We are now seeing new Medicare patients with PCP referrals!  If you are a Medicare patient, have your PCP (primary care physician) fax a referral to 817.410.9963.  For questions, please call our appointment desk at 817.865.5315.  Please note that we do NOT take Medicare Replacement plans.  

OUR INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:  If Grapevine-Colleyville ISD is closed or delayed due to bad weather, our office will be closed or delayed and we will call you later in the week to reschedule your appointment. Please monitor the local news, internet or our website before you leave for your appointment.  If it's not safe for our kids to go to school, then it's not safe for our patients and employees to go to our office. 

OUR LOCATION IN COLLEYVILLE - We are located west of Krispy Kreme Donuts and east of Bear Creek Spirits & Wine Store.
Use any internet map site to get directions to 7141 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville, TX  76034.  We are located in the Longwood Plaza Office Park at the intersection of Hwy 26 and Longwood.  Please call our front desk at 817.865.5313 for questions.
NEW PATIENTS -  For a new patient appt, please click on "Appointment Requests" at the top of our home page.
If you have any questions, please call our appointment desk at 817.865.5315.

PHONE NUMBERS - Please reach us directly at the following numbers.

  • Fax, 817.410.9963
  • Appointments, 817.865.5315
  • Dr. Prost, 817.865.5310
  • Dr. Roopa, 817.865.5319
  • PA Trang, 817.865.5311
  • Billing, 817.865.5317
  • Insurance, 817.865.5316
  • Medical Records, 817.865.5318
  • Practice Mgr, 817.865.5321
WRITTEN MEDICATION LIST - Please bring a written medication list or all of your medications to every office visit.
PRESCRIPTION REFILLS - Refills are filled during office hours only.
Please request your refills ahead of time.  Do not wait until you run out of medication.

ONLINE BILL PAY  -  Click on "Pay My Bill Online" at the top of our home page!!! 
If you have any questions regarding this option, please call our billing  department at 817.865.5317.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY For future inclement weather days, please check our website for updates or your local news & internet for school closings at http://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/school-closings/ .

Our office will be closed if GCISD (Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District) is closed. If it's safe for our kids to go to school, then it's safe for our patients and employees to go to our office. Please stay safe & warm.